“dalla cornice della finestra. Una cartolina memorabile: davanti collinette, poi colline e dietro le montagne. Sorseggio il mio caffè…la stanza diventa un tutt’uno con il paesaggio Ed io faccio parte di questo meraviglioso dipinto” (Verdastra)

Our History


The history of Montano Caffè begins with homecoming. It all started in Cerva in 1983, a small town in the heart of the Catanzaro area. After years spent in Turin, Carmine Mazzei decides to go back to the origins and open an artisan roasting together with his wife. This is a great challenge, the concept of roasting is still not well known in the area, but the determination and commitment of Carmine are immediately recognized. Didn’t take long before Montano Caffè begins to carve out a small space in the coffee shop of the province and to be a recognized and familiar brand. At the end of the 80s Montano Caffè goes beyond the boundaries of the district and reaches other regions. Time rewards fatigue and hard work, turning a small family-run business into a real company. The breakthrough came in the 90s: we move into the new factory, we open the doors to the foreign market and we decide to embrace the portioned coffee way.
That turns out to be a winner intuition: the company becomes one of the first in Italy to produce coffee in pods. The new millennium begins with the passage of deliveries: the second generation Mazzei comes into the company and we dream big, nonstop. We are experimenting new blends, with more and more advanced technologies without forgetting the tradition. More than 30 years have passed and today Montano Caffè is in constant development: passion and values are the same as they used to be, but projected towards the future and innovation.