“il rosso amaranto della bacca: la gioia del gusto che avrà il suo chicco tostato, un intenso piacere da gustare sotto un cielo grigio,,, che ispira riposo. …o sotto l’azzurro di una volta celeste e tersa, che ci induce a vedere tutti i colori della vita”(Verdastra)

Why our coffee is so good?


Because our responsibility is to buy high quality coffee beans, choosing the most valid ones.
Because we are spokesman of genuineness, the one that must have a good coffee, the Italian one: we pay great attention to the entire production chain, relying on certified companies that share our same values.
Because we strongly believe in research and innovation, engaging every day in the development of new products, with increasingly advanced equipment.
Because we transform small coffee beans into great blends, ad-hoc for our customers’ palates.
Because we work with passion and love for over 30 years and we want you to be proud of us when you choose our coffee.