Nascondersi dietro ad un caffè trovare riparo nel suo gusto forte. E scoprire di rilassare il cuore in un intenso attimo di pace… tutto per noi! (Verdastra)

The Values


We remember every day where we started, we know where we want to be.
Our work is made of passion, tradition, respect for nature and for people.
We are born as artisans and even though we are now a company, our principles have remained the same.
We believe that to make a good coffee it takes dedication, constancy, attention in the production processes, curiosity towards innovation.
Above all, we believe that raw materials are those that make a difference, so we take care of every coffee bean that passes in our hands and turn it into a finished product, preserving its essence.
We are an ambitious family, we are determined to grow and to offer our customers an always better coffee in taste and quality.
We like to think that with our activity we keeping high the level of products made in Italy, which bring wealth and value to our land.