To prepare a good coffee you need experience, knowledge, love. This is why we have designed and implemented a training course that consists in educating our customers on the preparation of a good coffee, on the grinding, on the dosage of the mixtures, on the pressing, on the operation and maintenance of the machines. On the small gestures that a barman has to make every day to present to his consumers an espresso that you drink with pleasure. These are direct and practical training days, built on specific needs and which we deliver directly to our customers’ offices or bars. The courses are taught by SCA (Specility Coffee Association) certified professionals, including an in-company, who, with their specialization and technical expertise, are able to provide all the information necessary to prepare a quality coffee, made with care and precision. Thanks to our training proposal, customers will have the certainty of offering a high-level espresso to anyone who enters their bar. If you are interested in our training meetings or prefer a tailor-made solution, contact us to receive all the details.